SCAD in Midtown Atlanta right next to our apartments.

SCAD Atlanta: A Beacon for Creatives and the Award-Winning Art & Design Sanctuary

Welcome to the ultimate living experience for those venturing into Atlanta for their artistic and creative academic pursuits. Our exquisite Peachtree apartments near SCAD offer not just a place to stay, but a lifestyle to embrace. Boasting bright, expansive floor plans set within a luxurious resort-like community featuring well-tended landscapes and exclusive amenities for our residents, it’s no surprise that our apartments are the preferred choice amongst Atlanta’s artistic circle. SCAD students find a splendid blend of relaxation and inspiration at 1660 Peachtree, from unwinding in our resort-style pool, hitting the gym in our top-tier fitness center, to sipping cocktails on private balconies, all while living in style.

Atlanta impresses its new residents with its rich tapestry of art, culture, history, and natural beauty, and SCAD stands as a proud representative of this ethos. The campus itself is a vibrant hub of art and design, showcasing striking architecture and inspiring creative minds with every turn. This premier institution is a pillar in the creative community, consistently enriching Atlanta with a robust array of art and personality.

Explore Over 100 Creative Degree Paths

Our proximity to SCAD makes our Peachtree apartments a hotspot for aspiring artists, designers, photographers, and actors. A mere stroll away lies an environment ripe with creativity and support, where students of all backgrounds gather to craft their futures and contribute to their fields. SCAD offers an extensive range of programs, covering more than 100 disciplines such as animation, fashion, photography, performing arts, and much more, providing an unparalleled breadth of knowledge and opportunity.

Surrounded by the most inventive minds in the region, SCAD students thrive in a dynamic and supportive academic atmosphere.

SCAD’s Global Campus Network

While SCAD celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the American Southeast, its reach is undoubtedly global. With locations in Savannah, Atlanta, Lacoste, France, and Hong Kong, SCAD attracts a diverse student body from over 100 countries. The availability of eLearning options further extends the School’s accessibility, catering to the modern, fast-paced lifestyles of students worldwide.

Delve into the World of On-Film Fashion at SCAD FASH Museum

The SCAD FASH Museum for Fashion & Film opens up a new perspective on the craftsmanship behind on-screen costumes. From exhibitions like “Dressing for Dystopia” to the exploration of shoe design, the museum offers a deep dive into fashion history and artistic endeavors beyond the screen.

Experience Local Creativity at Trois Gallery

The talent within SCAD is spotlighted at the Trois Gallery. Here, artworks from SCAD’s community, including students, professors, and alumni, are proudly displayed, offering a glimpse into the creativity cultivated in Atlanta.

Cinematic Nights at SCADShow

For movie enthusiasts, SCADShow provides a cultural cinema experience right in the heart of Atlanta. Boasting two stages and a variety of events, it’s the go-to venue for enjoying classic and contemporary films.

SCAD is more than just an educational institution; it’s a source of inspiration and opportunity, both on campus and across Atlanta.

Embracing Student Life at SCAD Atlanta

Direct insights from SCAD students underscore the institution’s nurturing yet challenging environment, highlighting the diversity and potential for personal and professional growth.

Choose to Live Creatively Next to SCAD Atlanta

Our luxury Peachtree apartments offer more than just luxury living; they provide a community for creatives at the heart of Atlanta’s artistic scene. Discover everything our community has to offer and schedule a tour today. Let our team assist in finding the perfect space for you, your creativity, and even your pets.

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